There's Hope for the Average Student to Get Into College

There’s the perception that getting into college can be a serious challenge. Just look around at all the bright and talented students in your school. Here’s the truth, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (a Federal Agency), there are well over 4000 colleges in the US. Many of them don’t fill up their classes. There are more seats available for college students than there are applicants.


In fact, well after the applications are due (generally in December or January), and even after the students have received their acceptance letters (usually late March or early April) and even after the deadline for notifying a college you're attending (early May) there are still many colleges that have vacancies. Every year the National Association for College Admission Counseling does a survey of colleges that still have openings on May 1st. 31% of their member schools had openings openings in 2012.


So whether you want a large school like Arizona State University (over 58,000 undergraduates) or a small school like Baker University (with under 1000 undergraduates), there’s a school with an opening for you.


Here’s a list of the largest schools (approximately 20,000 students or more) by state:

The University of Arizona  AZ
Florida Atlantic University  FL
University of Florida  FL
University of South Florida  FL
Valencia College  FL
University of Iowa  IA
Southern Illinois University Carbondale  IL
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis IN
University of Kansas  KS
Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge  LA
CUNY Hunter College  NY
St. John's University  NY
Oregon State University  OR
Portland State University  OR
Chestnut Hill College PA PA
Community College of Allegheny County  PA
University of Utah  UT