Community Foundation of Central Illinois

The Community Foundation of Central Illinois is an independent, private, nonprofit organization serving a 50-mile radius surrounding the City of Peoria (excluding McLean County).  They are dedicated to enhance the quality of life of those who live in their community.  They are supported by private and public donors and seek contributions primarily from the community they serve. 

The Foundation encourages philanthropy and using money they have collected, they offer scholarships to students to further their education.  Although the bulk of the scholarships are offered to high school seniors, some funds may be available for advanced study. 
The funds held by the foundation come from individuals, families, companies, and nonprofit groups.  The funds are often established to memorialize or honor an individual and the guideline for each scholarship is different.  Therefore, you should read them carefully to see if you qualify.
Below is a list of scholarships currently available:
Blumenthal Scholarship Fund of Rotary Club of Peoria
Genevieve Kroepel Cahail Physics Scholarship Fund
Deirdre Collins Memorial Fund
Dempsey Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dempsey D. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Larry DeSutter Scholarship Fund
Duryea Scholarship Fund
John Garrett Scholarship Fund
John W. Gift/Independent Insurance Agent Scholarship Fund
Alvin and Donna Haerr Fine Arts Scholarship Fund
H.E.A.R. Endowment Fund
Ken Hinton Scholarship Fund
Fund for Valeska Hinton Early Childhood Center
Hultz Fritz Matuszak Scholarship Fund
Nevada Buckley Manion Scholarship Trust
Manual High School Alumni Association Scholarship Fund 
Manual High School Band Fund
Manual High School Educational Fund
Manual High School/Eureka College Fund
Sam Pendola Jr. Class of 1956 Track and Field Scholarship Fund
Peoria Academy of Science Scholarship
RLI Inc. Scholarship Fund
Rudy Singleton Memorial Endowment Fund
The Michael D. McCoy St. Jude Run Scholarship Fund
Dr. Ian T. Sturrock Scholarship Fund
Dennis R. Triggs Scholarship Fund
Tyng Scholarship Fund
Washington School Gifted Education Fund
Dale and Elizabeth Whitehurst Memorial Research Fund
Woodruff High School Swimming Scholarship Fund
Edward N. Woodruff Scholarship Fund