Student Journalist Impact Award

March 15, 2016
All high school students

Student journalists who have had articles published or broadcast are eligible to participate in the Student Journalist Impact Award.  The award is designed to honor a student (or group of students) who have made a difference in a significant difference in the lives of others.

It is sponsored by the Journalism Education Association and the Kalos Kagathos Foundation.


  • Teachers/advisers may nominate students or students may nominate themselves for this award. (More than one student per entry per school is permissible.)
  • The entry must be that of a secondary school student(s) whose teacher/adviser is a JEA member at the time it was published, broadcast or created.
  • The entry must be original student work and must have been published within two years preceding the deadline. Date of publication/production must be indicated.
  • All entries in the competition shall become the property of JEA and will not be returned. By entering this competition, entrants give JEA permission to reproduce their work with appropriate attribution to the author(s).

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