National Sculpture Society Scholarship

April 1, 2015
Maximum Award: 
High school seniors and college students

The National Sculpture Society Scholarship is offered to four students who have created a portfolio of works of sculpture. They prefer works that are inspired by nature - or figurative or realist sculpture.

This is an opportunity to have your work reviewed by professional sculptors.

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To apply you must provide the following:

  • Scholarship Application form
  • A biography or resume that explains the student's background in sculpture.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • A CD with 10 to 18 images of at least six different sculptures by the applicant.
  • A list stating the title, medium and dimensions of the sculpture shown in the images on the CD.
  • Proof of financial need. This can be in the form of photocopies of other scholarship/grant applications, photocopies of tax forms from previous year, and/or a signed letter from the financial aid office of the applicant's school.